Welcome to Celia Witchard Illustration

I’ve been a professional illustrator for much of the time since leaving art college many moons ago, with commissions for all kinds of design, advertising and editorial projects.

I work digitally, using Photoshop, Illustrator and a Wacom tablet.
A common pitfall with digital art is endless tweaking until you’ve polished the life and soul out of your creations. I try not to overwork an idea, so that the end product, in spite of all the processes in between, still has some of the liveliness and spontaneity of the initial sketch about it, and the client is presented with a finished illustration which feels fresh and original.

I am based in sunny Bristol, England – a city with enough hustle and bustle to supply me with a vast array of characters and inspiration for drawing on (excuse the pun), and small enough to escape from when I need to just watch the grass growing.

Rather than me ramble on about my stuff, have a browse through my portfolio. I hope you enjoy it, and do get in touch if you like it – I’d love to hear from you.

Erik Speikerman, type designer:

‘I leave stuff alone, I won’t make it mathematically,
so it can look unfinished and manmade…
That’s the challenge for all of us – to create warmth
in a digital world… we’re still analogue beings.
Our brains and eyes are analogue.’

Thanks for looking,
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